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There are a variety of tools for using DocBook XSL in a cross-platform Java environment. I'm personally interested in Open Source Tools based upon Apache Ant and Apache Maven. This page currently attempts to catalog some of the available options, but I still haven't found the ideal solution. I've created some tools I call DocBook Suite and packaged them as a Maven 1.x plug-in called maven-dbsuite-plugin.

Maven DBSuite Plugin

The maven-dbsuite-plugin is a tool that I created to meet (most of) my requirements for DocBook processing. It is useful to me in its current form and may be useful to others, so I have created a project for it on


The DBSuite Plugin is not very well documented and (currently) requires a basic understanding of Maven for operation.

Preliminary Requirements


  • Transforms DocBook to HTML, HTML-chunked, XSL-FO, and PDF

  • DocBook, Simplified DocBook, and DocBook WebSite

  • XDOC to DocBook Transformation

  • Easy inclusion of DocBook output in Maven-generated project sites

  • SVG graphics

  • XML catalogs

  • Stylesheet libraries w/customization and overrides

  • DocBook DTD customization layers

  • Reasonably intelligent dependency evaluation

  • Runs without forking VMs

Ant Tasks

These Ant tasks can be used to do DocBook processing using the Ant build tool. They also are the building blocks for maven-dbsuite-plugin, and the other Maven plug-ins listed below.

Maven Plug-ins

There have been several other Maven plug-ins for DocBook, but only one the SourceForge project is still active. (Although the last change appears to have been made in January, 2005.)

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