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This page focuses on comparing Java-based, Open Source, blog servers, that have an Apache or BSD style Open Source license. This page was created to collect information on blogware that matches my personal and professional interests and thus the criteria of Java and Apache-style Open Source. There are many other great packages out there and other sites that have more complete listings of Java blogware and blogware in general.


This is preliminary and has not been reviewed as of 1/13/2005

Table 2. General Feature Comparison

Feature Roller Pebble Blojsom
Template Technology Velocity JSP Velocity and/or JSP
Themes Available ~8 ~1 ~10
Template Preview yes no no
Pluggable Persistance difficult easy moderate
SQL Database Support yes no no
Pluggable User Authentication/Authorization ? ? ?
Template Macro/Tag Documentation Velocidoc ? Wiki

Table 3. Strategic Considerations

Criteria Roller Pebble Blojsom
License Apache-style Apache-style Apache-style
Project Vitality
  • 1 active committer

  • Sourceforge stats

  • 2 active committers

  • Sourceforge stats

Published Roadmap Detailed Blog entry Blog entry that hints at new plugin API's. n/a
Recent Changes What's New in Roller 1.0 changelog changelog
Corporate "Endorsements"
  • Powers Dev Resource Central Blogs at HP.

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