I've been working with QuickTime for Java off-and-on for almost 4 years and am a developer on the OpenQTJ project, which has the potential to develop into a useful resource for QuickTime for Java developers. I started work on a full-featured sample application for the OpenQTJ project, called OpenQTJ Player. I had hoped that others would join in and help, but that hasn't happened yet, so I've been focused on other things.

OpenQTJ and Related Projects

There are several open source projects closely related to OpenQTJ, so I thought I'd maintain a table of them on this page.

Name Description Relation to OpenQTJ License
OpenQTJ Tutorials, Examples, and Sample Player - Apache License, Version 2.0
Amateur Open Source replacement for QuickTime Pro Player Similar to OpenQTJ player, but with many more features. It's use of GPL limits usefulness as a starting point for other projects. GNU General Public License (GPL)
ION Media Player for Podcasts and Videoblogs Uses QuickTime for Java and provides some libraries that could perhaps be useful to QuickTime for Java developers. Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL)
Lloyd Extensions to QuickTime for Java May provide useful libraries that can be incorporated in OpenQTJ Player, etc. The MIT License


Freedom for Media in Java

Provides a replacement/alternative to Java Media Framework (JMF) Provides a wrapper for QuickTime for Java. Modified BSD License

There's obviously some duplication of effort going on here, but each project seems to have it's own set of goals, and it's own license.

Creative Commons License
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