Vision Document

Vision Statement

UP-lite is a project to create templates, tools, and documentation for a lightweight implementation of the (generic) Unified Process. The project will have an Apache-style Open source license, so it can be used for both commercial and Open Source projects and be integrated with both commercial and Open Source tools.

Problem Statement

UP-lite will help solve a variety of problems:

  • Allow adoption of the UP or UP-like processes for Open Source projects

  • Provide a free-beer UP framework for smaller software projects

  • Be upward compatible with commercial UP products

  • Promote the integration of Open Source and commercial tools into an industry-standard process framework

Stakeholders and Objectives

This section lists the stakeholders in the project and how they should benefit.

ContributorsPeople who contribute to the project
  1. Have fun

  2. Learn new skills

  3. Receive recognition

  4. Evangelize UP and UML

Developer UsersDevelopers who use part or all of this project in their external projects.
  1. Learn UP concepts and terminology

  2. Save time and effort

  3. Produce higher quality code

  4. Receive community support

Tool and Process VendorsCompanies and projects who wish to include/re-use/enhance an industry standard process framework.
  1. Easy to incorporate starting point

  2. Open Source framework promotes interoperability of tools

Proposed Features


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